The Top Three Best Restaurants in Every Hungarian County

The top three best restaurants in every Hungarian County

Many Hungarian residents enjoy trying and eating different kind of gastronomical delicacies from each part of the country. Not only Hungarian people but many tourists are keen on getting to know the cultural and traditional features of another country’s gastronomy; many of them visit Hungary for only its dining habits. Although the capital is still the first in the category of best restaurants, there are fifty-four other honourable mentions outside Budapest.

The main target for gastro-lovers to try out special traditional Hungarian food is still Budapest but at the same time, almost every restaurant on the countryside develops rapidly every day; slowly reaching the level of the restaurants in the Hungarian capital – reports Hello Vidék. There are several places outside the capital with an extraordinary menu which consists of many traditional meals and special ones as well.

Besides the general traditional Hungarian meals, it is important for every county to emphasise their own gastronomy and to include regional meals on their menus – making them even more spectacular among others.

Taking this point into consideration, it is recommended to try out every county’s speciality, for example, the fish soup in Baja or the meat-pancakes in Hortobágy. According to many experts, the gastro-revolution in Hungary takes place in its counties as the market of the trademarked products in each country are more popular day by day. These products wear trademarks because they are specialised in the counties’ culture and traditions


These products only contain natural ingredients from the manufacturer county, emphasise the region’s culture and traditions, provide rare and unique Hungarian cultural features and have the best quality in the county.

Gastronomy develops rapidly in Hungary but not just in Budapest. Almost everywhere in the country, restaurants with high standards and exceptional features can be found, and that is why it is highly recommended to conquer Hungarian counties and not just the capital if we are looking for something special to eat. Another major advantage for these restaurants is that they only work with Hungarian ingredients – tasty fruits, vegetables and excellent meats.

The top three restaurants in every Hungarian county – restaurant’s name (location)

Bács-Kiskun County

  1. Kert ÉttFekete Gólya Restaurant (Kecskemét)
  2. Kecskeméti Csárda Restaurant (Kecskemét)
  3. Bagatell Restaurant (Kecskemét)
    Bagatell Restaurant (Photo:

Baranya County

  1. Tüke Wine House (Pécs)
  2. Balkán Bistro (Pécs)
  3. Blöff Bistro (Pécs)
    Tüke Winehouse (Photo:üke-Borház)

Békés County

  1. Kisvendéglő a Hargitához (Békéscsaba)
  2. Street Corner Zeppelin Bar (Békéscsaba)
  3. Stones Restaurant and Pizza House (Békéscsaba)
    Kisvendéglő a Hargitához (Photo:

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County

  1. Végállomás Bistorant (Miskolc)
  2. Creppy Pancake House Restaurant (Miskolc)
  3. zip’s brewhouse (Miskolc)
    Végállomás Bistorant (Photo:

Csongrád County

  1. Pizzaguru Restaurant (Szeged)
  2. Vendéglő a Régi Hídhoz (Szeged)
  3. John Bull Pub (Szeged)
    Pizzaguru Restaurant (Photo:

Fejér County

  1. bEAT (Székesfehérvár)
  2. 67Sigma Restaurant (Székesfehérvár)
  3. Diófa Restaurant (Székesfehérvár)
    bEAT Restaurant (Photo:

Győr-Moson-Sopron County

  1. Nimrod Restaurant (Győr)
  2. La Mareda Restaurant & Bistro (Győr)
  3. D’Alíz Pizza & Caffe (Győr)
    Nimrod Restaurant (Photo:

Hajdú-Bihar County

  1. Csokonai Restaurant (Debrecen)
  2. Vintage World (Debrecen) IKON (Debrecen)
  3. IKON (Debrecen)
    Csokonai Restaurant (Photo:

Heves County

  1. Macok Bistro and Winebar (Eger)
  2. II Padrino Club (Eger)
  3. Senator Haz Restaurant (Eger)
    Macok Bistro (Photo:

Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County

  1. Liliomfi (Szolnok)
  2. Halászcsárda (Szolnok)
  3. Balalajka Orosz Bistro (Szolnok)
    Liliomfi Restaurant (Photo:

Komárom-Esztergom County

  1. Vadvirág Vendéglő (Tatabánya)
  2. Turul Cafe & Restaurant (Tatabánya)
  3. Pomodoro Restaurant & Pizza House
    Vadvirág Vendéglő (Photo:

Nógrád County

  1. Kiskulacs Vendéglő (Salgótarján)
  2. Konyakozó Pub & Pizzeria (Salgótarján)
  3. Etesi Pálinkafőzde Palóc Vendégház (Salgótarján)
    Konyakozó Pub & Pizzeria (Photo:ó-pub-és-pizzéria)

Somogy County

  1. Corner Pub and Restaurant (Kaposvár)
  2. Gecco (Kaposvár)
  3. Corso Restaurant (Kaposvár)
    Corso Restaurant (Photo:és-Étterem)

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County

  1. Irány Colorado Steak House (Nyíregyháza)
  2. La Terrazza (Nyíregyháza)
  3. Chloe New Yorkban (Nyíregyháza)
    Irány Colorado Steak House (Photo:

Tolna County

  1. Trattoria de Matteo (Szekszárd)
  2. Szász Söröző & Restaurant (Szekszárd)
  3. Optimus Restaurant (Szekszárd)
    Szász Söröző & Restaurant (Photo:ász-Söröző-Étterem)

Vas County

  1. Határmenti Vígadó (Szombathely)
  2. Cafe Molo (Szombathely)
  3. Bellagio Ristorante Pizzeria (Szombathely)
    Cafe Molo (Photo:

Veszprém County

  1. Olivia Restaurant (Veszprém)
  2. Villa Medici Hotel & Restaurant (Veszprém)
  3. GUSTO13 Bistro & Delicate (Veszprém)
    Villa Medici Hotel & Restaurant (Photo:

Zala County

  1. Belgian Beer Cafe (Zalaegerszeg)
  2. Robinson Music Pub Restaurant (Zalaegerszeg)
  3. Kavalabor (Zalaegerszeg)
    Robinson Music Pub & Restaurant (Photo:Étterem)

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