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Now lets get you started with your application to live and work in Hungary

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What do I need do?

Firstly you will need to complete the information form. This is all the information we will require to present to your future employer, and to apply for your residence, and work permits. 

It’s a single process, which eliminates you having to supply documents on an ongoing basis. 

Please make sure you scan copies of the following items before proceeding:

– Your Passport (The page containing your info and picture)

– A Facial photograph (Passport size)

– Residence card (if you have residence outside of your passport country)

– Driver’s License (if you have one)

– An electronic version of your Résumé or Curriculum Vitae

– Completed, and signed power of attorney document – Download here – 

Files should be either in PDF or PNG format, and may not be larger than 3Mb

Once you have all the mentioned documents, you may proceed to the form by clicking on the button below:

What is the process?

First make sure that you have digital copies of all the required documents, as these need to be uploaded in your application.

Once you have all the required documents, complete the online application form. This is the information we use to locate a suitable employer for you, as well as to process your residence, and work permits once we have received an offer of employment on your behalf.

When we have all the documents, and information, our team will assess your application, and start the process of matching you to suitable employers.

In the background, our legal team will start preparing documents which will be required for your residence and work permits.

Make sure to monitor your emails, as in some cases we may require additional information, or additional documents from you.

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What happens if I get a job?

When we receive an offer for employment, we will notify you of the offer via email.

You will be required to make payment of 480 Euro (excluding VAT) 

This is our discounted legal fee to assist, and process your documents for your work and residents permits. (the normal fee is 950 Euro) 

The fee also includes assistance in obtaining a Hungarian tax number registration, local address card, as well as assisting you in opening a bank account with our preferred banking partner on arrival.

You will be required to provide us with certain documents (this is job specific, and we will advise at this point of what is required from you)

Once we have all the documentation ready, we will email it to you, and you will be required to make an appointment at your local Hungarian embassy and submit the documents in person. 

The embassy will take photographs, enroll your fingerprints into their database, and take an electronic signature specimen.

You will be liable to pay a visa application fee, as well as any other costs, such as photos, courier fees (if required) as well as other unforeseen costs should they arise.

Once your application has been received by the embassy, our Legal team will have access to your application at the Immigration office in Hungary, and will follow up, and co-ordinate with the immigration officer assigned to your case, to ensure that your case is managed correctly.

What happens when my permits is approved?

When your permits are approved, your local embassy will receive authority from the Immigration office in Hungary to issue you with a D-Type Schengen Visa. This allows you to travel to Hungary to collect your residence, and work permit. 

You will need to make your passport available to the embassy to issue the Visa.

When you arrive in Hungary, you will need to report to your local immigration office to announce your arrival, as well as to finalize some documents to receive your residence ID Card, and address card – We will assist you with this, as well as assisting you in opening a local bank account (This can only be done once you have your residence ID card)

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We look forward in assisting you throughout your journey. Please feel free to forward any questions you may have to


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Our Management Team

Dr Peter Juhász

Dr Juhász is the head of our legal team.
He specialises in corporate, real estate, data protection, immigration, Intellectual property, and Software law. His dedication, 20-year experience and his linguistic abilities in Hungarian, English, German, and French will ensure that your interests are always managed at the highest standards.

Dr Zsanett Szélpál & Dr Dorina Szanka

Dr Szélpál and Dr Szanka are our key legal team members, they specialise in Corporate, Real Estate, Data Protection and Immigration law. Their attention to detail and proven tenacity ensures that each matter is handled diligently and in the best interests of our clients.

Johan van der Walt

Johan heads up our business services offering. With more than 17 years of experience within the business world, streamlining complex processes, and getting things done, you can be assured that together with his team, we ensure that your business needs are met.

Neither Business-Hungary, its parent company, nor associates or agents guarantee that you will receive any job offers, nor does utilizing this service guarantee you will be successful in obtaining residence, or work permits.